Our team of experts in architecture, urban planning and design assists you in the realisation of your construction projects and the modification of your spaces and workstations through tailor-made assistance in project ownership or project management.

Engineering division - flow management

Our team of specialists analyses, design, and solves your technical problems. From the design of containment facilities to the optimisation of your human and material resources, our engineers offer you solutions validated with our digital simulation tools.

Offre gestion de flux

Digital - 3D pole

Innovative, immersive, and collaborative tools for your communication or training.

From 360° video to virtual reality applications, we work with you to develop digital media to deploy your ideas.


Our commitments to facilitate your daily relations with our team :

  • A relationship based on mutual trust.
  • Providing the necessary level of expertise for every stage of your project.
  • Clear communication of what our design proposal consists of.
  • Keeping you fully informed of any development that could have an impact on your project, its planning, financing etc.