Contracting and Project Management Consultancy

Customized support, from the inception of a project through to its implementation.

Objectives of the client

To take in consideration the specific needs of their line of work

To take care of and/or develop their premises and buildings

To build their project with a consultancy/design practice who are attentive to their needs and who have the know-how to translate the clients requirements to the architect

To have all the facts in order to allow informed decision-making

Our architecture, urbanism and engineering teams will listen, analyse and explain the possible alternatives for your project at each step. We can provide support in terms of carrying out the preliminary studies, defining the project, monitoring the work, and in guaranteeing you the continuity and control of your objectives. Our Project Management Consultant service will allow you to anticipate constraints, limit risks and benefit from professional support throughout the project.

Our strengths

Consultation, running participative workshops

Reactivity and adaptability in finding solutions

A pedagogical approach and digital tools

Our area of expertise

Architectural and urban project planning

Sustainable construction

Virtual reality Building Information Modelling

Public sector contracts and bid organisation

Consultancy and follow-up on design and worksites

Project Management

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Project management

Improve your work environment

Our team will work alongside you right from the start of the project to clearly identify the project needs so that the final result reflects your functional and technical expectations. We build a project that corresponds to your vision, verifiable at each stage by means of immersive 3D simulations, thereby allowing you to envisage the future furnished space. This tool is particularly helpful for checking the ergonomics and design of the layout/ equipment before work begins.

Designing work areas or work stations

Turnkey solutions

Control room or clean room design

Consultation with contractors

Construction site supervision

Our area of expertise

3D modelling on REVIT, Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Verification of each step through virtual visits

Ergonomic approach to work station design

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AMO and MOE pole references


Be in control of all aspects of the installation of your industrial process

Our team of specialists will analyze your needs and will design tools adapted to your objectives and constraints. We take into account any maintenance requirements and the need for easy access to equipment and machinery right from the outset of the design process. The tools we design take into consideration all risks for operators. To help you manage the project, we have developed a participatory methodology based on the creation and use of 3D models and immersive technologies.

Experts recognized for their experience

Virtual reality visualization of projects

Ergonomic approach and easy access to machines and equipment

Our areas of expertise

Nuclear engineering

"Controlled atmosphere" rooms

Design of spaces and equipment for processing radioactive products

Mechanical engineering



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Flow management

Optimise your production process

We start by studying the conditions under which your objectives can be attained. We have developed a methodology to facilitate efficient data collection, based on exchanges with production personnel and "in situ" observation of your processes. We study and analyze the digitalized flows on our software to detect production bottle necks and identify areas for improvement. We then suggest different scenarios for optimizing your production process and improving working conditions. Our system allows a more certain and successful outcome for your project investments.

Integration of production lines

AGV projects

Optimisation of operator tasks and stocks

Reduction of risk of repetitive strain injuries

Productivity optimisation

Statistical monitoring

Our areas of expertise

Industry experts who analyse proposed scenarios

Dynamic 3D modelling of your production plant and your process flows

Ergonomic approach to the process

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Engineering pole references

Immersive 3D tools

Immerse yourself in a virtual and interactive environment

Immersive 3D tools, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality, can all help in improving your project design, presentation, and validation processes; in providing support for the operation and maintenance of your facilities; and in training your personnel. To achieve your goals, we will work with you to develop innovative, immersive and collaborative tools based on a thorough needs analysis (context, objectives, and targets). Together we will write the scenario for your application and design an interactive, ergonomic and intuitive interface. These new digital media are utilized with immersive headsets or augmented reality glasses that will revolutionize your practices.

Depending on your requirements, our Virtual Realility applications allow:

Immersion of the user into any kind of environment, using any type of equipment

Multiple, customizable scenarios (featuring different levels of complexity, adverse situations, changeable environments etc.)

Hands-on experience on a range of virtual reality tools for one or more operators (multi-player version). Allows VR experience of operating equipment, document entry, checking and validation of assembly phase.

Monitoring and evaluation of learning achievements.

Guaranteed safe-guarding of data.

Non-exhaustive list

Our Augmented Reality applications created with the custom-made interface allow the user:

To play a range of virtual reality tools with real-time tracking of real elements, checking and validation of the phases of assembly

To carry out checks on site (comparative engineering files and project/worksite progress, for example)

To provide remote support between two users with voice communication, image and document transfer, shooting and recording of photos and videos, creation of communication reports

To have remote access to a screen to provide assistance on operations that he is running

To experiment with work instructions in Augmented Reality

Guaranteed safe-guarding of data.

Non-exhaustive list

Our services :

Delivery of training tool application and support materials

Training in the use of the tools

An ergonomic approach for digital interfaces

Our areas of expertise

Virtual, augmented and mixed reality applications


IT development

Professional training tools

The industrial and work-space environment

Digital training

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Dynamic 2D/3D Digital Media

Bring your ideas to life

From in situ surveys, plans or CAD / DAO files, we create animations that you can use during event meetings, presentation of future projects, training of operational teams or to demonstrate the feasibility of technical operations.

3D or 360 ° animation videos are viewable on different platforms: virtual reality headset or PC.

Our team will carry out the modeling of your buildings and technical installations using photogrammetry or 3D scanners.

Validation process with the client

High level of literacy in all 3D tools and software

Joint writing of scenarios

Our areas of expertises

3D modelling

Integration of the Building Information Modelling (BIM) method

3D and 360° animation videos

Realistic simulations

Interactive training software.

The industrial environment

Architecture and urbanism

Digital pole references