Be in control of all aspects of the installation of your industrial process


Our team of specialists will analyze your needs and will design tools adapted to your objectives and constraints. We take into account any maintenance requirements and the need for easy access to equipment and machinery right from the outset of the design process. The tools we design take into consideration all risks for operators. To help you manage the project, we have developed a participatory methodology based on the creation and use of 3D models and immersive technologies.

  • Experts recognized for their experience
  • Virtual reality visualization of projects
  • Ergonomic approach and easy access to machines and equipment

Our areas of expertise

  • Nuclear engineering
  • “Controlled atmosphere” rooms
  • Design of spaces and equipment for processing radioactive products
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Metalwork
  • Piping
Engineering division - flow management
3d pipework

Flow management

We start by studying the conditions under which your objectives can be attained. We have developed a methodology to facilitate efficient data collection, based on exchanges with production personnel and “in situ” observation of your processes. We study and analyze the digitalized flows on our software to detect production bottlenecks and identify areas for improvement. We then suggest different scenarios for optimizing your production process and improving working conditions. Our system allows a more certain and successful outcome for your project investments

  • Integration of production lines
  • AGV projects
  • Optimisation of operator tasks and stocks
  • Reduction of risk of repetitive strain injuries
  •  Productivity optimisation
  • Statistical monitoring

Our areas of expertise

  • Industry experts who analyse proposed scenarios
  • Dynamic 3D modeling of your production plant and your process flows
  • An ergonomic approach to the process
Etude de flux dans le cadre du projet d'implantation d'une ligne de conditionnement
Flow management - SANOFI company
Gestion de flux Plastimetal
Flow management - Plastimetal company

Optimise your production process

Our latest achievements

Gestion de flux de l'entreprise Merck
Gestion de flux de la ferme d'Enchin
Gestion de flux d'Hydequip
Gestion de flux de Créaline

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