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Immersive yourself in a virtual and interactive environment

immersive 3D tools

Immersive 3D tools, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality, can all help in improving your project design, presentation, and validation processes; in providing support for the operation and maintenance of your facilities; and in training your personnel.

To achieve your goals, we will work with you to develop innovative, immersive and collaborative tools based on a thorough needs analysis (context, objectives, and targets).

Together we will write the scenario for your application and design an interactive, ergonomic and intuitive interface. These new digital media are utilized with immersive headsets or augmented reality glasses that will revolutionize your practices

Depending on your requirements, our Virtual Realility applications allow:

  • Immersion of the user into any kind of environment, using any type of equipment
  • Multiple, customizable scenarios (featuring different levels of complexity, adverse situations, changeable environments etc.)
  • Hands-on experience on a range of virtual reality tools for one or more operators (multi-player version). Allows VR experience of operating equipment, document entry, checking and validation of assembly phase
  • Monitoring and evaluation of learning achievements.
  • Guaranteed safe-guarding of data.

Our Augmented Reality applications created with the custom-made interface allow the user:

  • To play a range of virtual reality tools with real-time tracking of real elements, checking and validation of the phases of assembly
  • To carry out checks on site (comparative engineering files and project/worksite progress, for example)
  • To provide remote support between two users with voice communication, image and document transfer, shooting and recording of photos and videos, creation of communication reports
  • To have remote access to a screen to provide assistance on operations that he is running
  • To experiment with work instructions in Augmented Reality
  • Guaranteed safe-guarding of data.


Our services :

  • Delivery of training tool application and support materials
  • Training in the use of the tools
  • An ergonomic approach for digital interfaces

Our areas of expertise

  • Virtual, augmented and mixed reality applications
  • Game-design
  • IT development
  • Professional training tools
  • The industrial and work-space environment
  • Digital training
Presentation of the BOSCH application
Serious game - IRSAP
Virtual environment - Serious game - IRSAP
Homme de chez Naval Group utilisant Holoreka
Augmented reality - HOLOREKA

Dynamic 2D/3D digital media

From in situ surveys, plans or CAD / DAO files, we create animations that you can use during event meetings, presentation of future projects, training of operational teams or to demonstrate the feasibility of technical operations.

3D or 360 ° animation videos are viewable on different platforms: virtual reality headset or PC.

Our team will carry out the modeling of your buildings and technical installations using photogrammetry or 3D scanners.

  • Validation process with the client
  • High level of literacy in all 3D tools and software
  • Joint writing of scenarios

Our areas of expertises :

  • 3D modeling
  • Integration of the Building Information Modelling (BIM) method
  • 3D and 360° animation videos
  • Realistic simulations
  • Interactive training software.
  • The industrial environment
  • Architecture and urbanism
Aménagement urbain place du Général-de-Gaulle - Cherbourg-en-Cotentin
Square General De Gaulle - Cherbourg-en-Cotentin
Projet de Crèche "PIM PAM POM" Querqueville, Architecte Nicolas NOYON
Project for the "PIM PAM POM" nursery in Querqueville, Architect Nicolas NOYON
digital section microship

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our products


Training tool, Serious game in VR on PC

The objective is to unsdertand and integrate the procedures to be respected in the context of an intervention in a nuclear controlled zone.

Visit of the storage pool

Training tool, VR on PC and Oculus Go

Presentation of the environment and technical installations in order to prepare an intervention on site.


Training tool, simulator on Android tablet

Evaluation of the working conditions of the operators according to the organisation of their environment and their workstation.

Initiation to machine tooling and boilermaking

Training tool, Serious game in VR on PC + Oculus Quest

Learn how to check the conformity of a space, materials and handling equipment with regard to “safety” regulations.


Homme de chez Naval Group utilisant Holoreka

Design or control tool for HOLOLENS glasses

Positioning and calling for control purposes in the design and on-site control phase, or for training purposes.

Mobile crane handling control

Serious game training tool in VR on PC + HTC vive

Learn how to check the conformity of a space, materials and handling equipment with regard to “safety” regulations.


Training tool – Serious game

The SELOG serious game is a simulation tool allowing players to discover the notions of flow management, in particuliar warehouse logistics.

Scaffolding use check

Serious game training tool in VR on PC + HTC vive

Learn how to check the conformity of a scaffolding (standards, safety, documentation) 


SERIOUS GAME réalité virtuelle - OREKAVR

Training tool – Serious game in VR

Discover the functionalities of virtual reality thanks to this tutorial.

Our latest achievements

Serious game - BOSCH

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