Locaux d'OREKA Ingénierie

Our history

OREKA Ingénierie is a perfect correlation between industry, design and architecture. The company was born in 2010 from the meeting between those three worlds. It has been all those years a pleasure to collaborate across a range of markets and applications. OREKA Ingénierie was formed to reflect our desire to enhance the value of professions through digital tools and methods. We aim to innovate to create, alongside you, a high-performance environment where people are the priority.


OREKA Ingénierie is the union of men and women who have worked together for 15 to 30 years in the fields of engineering, architecture, workspace design and 3D digital simulation.


The complementarity of these different disciplines can be seen daily in the global approach to projects handled by our team – allowing OREKA to provide an original perspective on the management of our clients’ projects. The fields of expertise and know-how brought together allow OREKA Engineering to work on the projects entrusted to them in a thorough and pertinent way, in sectors as diverse as industry, tertiary services, municipalities and public services, and the military (French navy).


The Trainees

OREKA Ingénierie is proud to be part of the orientation charter. It represents our commitment to the Agence Régionale de l’Orientation et des Métiers and to young people in Normandy to promote guidance.

Throughout the year, OREKA Ingénierie welcomes trainees at differents levels from (middle school and university).