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Creation of innovative high – performance work 

environments where people take priority

OREKA Ingénierie is involved in the optimisation

of production tools, the improvement of working conditions and e-learning tools.

Business expertise to support you in your project

OREKA Ingénierie represents the definition and design of workspaces, the integration of processes dans workstations, the production of 3D digital simulations to study and validate projects, the création of 3D tools (VR/AR) to train personnel in the process’ of the process, assistance to agents in their work of operating or maintaining installations.

PMA - PM pole

Engineering - Flow pole

Digital - 3D pole

Our commitments

  • A relationship based on mutual trust.
  • Providing the necessary level of expertise for every stage of your project.
  • Clear communication of what our design proposal consists of.
  • Keeping you fully informed of any development that could have an impact on your project, its planning, financing etc.

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